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Who We Are

We here at Made by Menhart are a family of heavily inspired artisans that love what they do. In fact, this all started as a hobby in our free time! As demand grew, well...we didn't (too old for that), but our desire to create sure did! Even though we have all the inspiration, excitement and desire, we know at the core of it all, we wouldn't be able to do a thing without God. 

We are humbly honored to have you visit our site, and support us and our passion! Each one of us pour our hearts and souls into what we make, and it is inspiring to see people enjoy what we do, (almost) as much as we do. We deeply appreciate you joining us on this journey!

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What We Do

Here at MBM, we love to create. We make a variety of things - from tables and benches, to nightstands and wall art. We even make charcuterie boards, and as you've noticed from our shop, phone cases as well. We love working with live edge wood and enjoy epoxy so much we incorporate it in almost everything! As we continue to grow, we are positive our list of "What We Do" will also grow. Here, we shoot for the stars, and when we get there, we take it with us to the next. 


We are always happy to connect with you! Feel free to send us your questions or how much you love our stuff!


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